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~A woman who is strong, which doesn't allow her grief to destroy her life, and it come running to God and proclaim the Good News to others~

Claudia Wibawa is a pastor's daughter (whose has a church called "JKI New Jerusalem"), blogger and graphic designer whose want to be light and the salt of the world. Her vission is to be the servant for the nations (Isaiah 49) as God promised her. Claudia was born on 19th May 1995. In her ery young age, she already started to put her life and her efforts for God and the people. In 2010 Claudia started to help teaching Sunday School as a big sister for the kids. She also becoming a leader of Youth Ministry. Claudia is currently on the senior high school, and she plans to continue her education in Azusa Pacific University, L.A, California, US. Which the vission of the uni is God First. She has been dreaming to has a faithfull enviroment that will support her faith, APU is the answer.

Using all the things that she has, she try to share her experience with God through her social accounts.