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Religious Life

My dad is a Christian and my mom used to be a Moslem. My dad, even my mom at that time have their own strong faith toward what they believed. Long story short, my dad was marrying my mom without forcing her to be Christian. Although sometimes my mom came to church, she just followed without really understand Christianity. One night, that was midnight, she asked to God,"If you are, the God of Christianalso who is called Jesusis exist, show me your power!", then suddenly her body was shaking and she began to speak in tongue. She was really afraid, then my dad woke up and told her about Holy Spirit. From that time, she began to know more about God.

My dad is so wise, it is not about what religion are you, it is all about who you put your trust. So he will never force somebody to become Christian, but only with one simple question, "Would you follow Jesus?", there is a lot of beliefs in my home country so it is unfair to force them to be Christian. To be Christian or not it depends how ready these people to step further in relation with Christ.

In 2008, my dad became a pastor. We started from the small church named JKI New Jerusalem, located in my hometown, Jogjakarta. Our people are from lower middle class society. My dad put all his effort for the church and the people.

In my very young age, I already started to put my life and my efforts for God and the people. In 2010, it when I was 15, I started to help teaching Sunday School as a big sister for the kids. I also became a leader of Youth Ministry. 

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