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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas, God's Party or Your Party?
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♡ Selamat Hari Natal• Merry Christmas• メリークリスマス• Feliz Navidad• 메리 크리스마스• Joyeux Noël• 圣诞节快乐• Buon Natale• Frohe Weihnach ♡

The Christmas moment was so extraordinary, I celebrated Christmas with my mom's family who didn't know about Christ. So my mom tried to spread the good news to them.

There is one important message from God on Christmas, this message obtained by my spiritual brother.
Bottom line, don't let the God himself displaced by humans and especially sparkling party.
Christmas also not talking about Santa Claus, but talking about JESUS CHRIST. That's why it calling CHRISTmas, not Clausemas.

Which the God taught to not make debauchery outside HIS party. The party was definitely the party of the sacred, but human habits celebrating Christmas party outside the God's will, concerned with pleasing their excitement and feelings regardless of the God. Especially include things that had nothing to do with Christianity.

That's what God doesn't want us to do. Make it a party for HIM, at least between us and our KING. Interpret the real Christmas, HIS goal came into this world.
As Esther did the Monarch, not as Queen Vashti the king's own party as a party.

Not only is the actual Christmas, Easter and other celebrations as well as it should be.

PS: This applies to a true Christian
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