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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Should Christian Read The Holy Bible?
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2 Timothy 3:16

New International Version (NIV)
16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching,rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,

Christians need to pray, to read the Bible. Praying is like breathing, reading the Bible is like eating. Both are two things that should be done by every Christian.
Every Christian should read the Bible. Since the Bible is the breath of God that are useful for teaching, rebuking, to improve behavior, and for training in righteousness. The Bible shows us, how many things God has done in the past for us, also shows us how the ancient people of God leads. If we want to know how much abundance that God has for us, how vast and wide, we could not have read the Bible, and if we want to know how God leads people step by step, we inevitably have to read the Bible.

What did God say to people today, all based on the word which he has spoken. It was hard to say to someone with God's words in the Bible is saying never. Even a spiritual journey spiritual has far enough, and God sometimes gives her a full revelation of the word, that word still remains a word which I have spoken in the Bible. Therefore, if today God speaks, it is a repetition of what He has said. If someone does not know that God has spoken, it is difficult to get a revelation from God, because he lacked the conditions for God speaking to him.

If God wants to speak through us to others, also based on what He has said. If we do not know that God has spoken, God can not speak through us to others, and we are in the presence of God becomes for those that are not useful.

Therefore, we need to keep saying the rich abundance of God in us, so we just know God's way past, just to hear the word of God today, just to let God use us to speak to others.
The Bible is a great book, it also is a great book. Even if we risked our life, we can only touch and understand part of it. If someone does not want to expend the time but can understand the Bible, it is impossible. So the pious youth must quickly put his time to the word of God, so that in time the middle-aged and even older at the time, could have the words of the affluent, who can supply can supply themselves and others. Any person who wants to know God, must be carefully read God's word. Every person who believes in God, so start, should recognize the importance of reading the word of God.


The contents contained in the Bible is very deep and wide. mainly there are two things, namely truth (John 17:17) and life(Acts 5:20). Truth makes us get a revelation, to know the reality of the universe, for example: the reality of God, the reality of man, the reality of the universe, the reality of all kinds of things, whether present, nor things to come, and forevermore, in particular about the reality of Christ and the church. Life is God being our life, that we are born again, grow up, change, and formed into the likeness of Christ, to be an expression of God.

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